Arabian Nights Pokie Game Jackpot Finally Won!

One of the many online pokie machines which boast an ever growing progressive jackpot is the Arabian Nights pokie game and in recent months the jackpot on this pokie machine has been growing to some truly staggering amounts with many players opting to give it a lot of play time as its jackpot was surely about to payout!


Well we have just been informed that this NetEnt software powered pokie game has finally awarded to one very lucky player its massive jackpot and that winning slot player has managed to bag a jackpot worth over 3.3 Million Euros in cash!

The slot player has at this moment in time requested to remain anonymous, as is their right, however we do know that this hue jackpot winning does live in Finland and is 50 years old, proving as if proof was needed that anyone living anywhere in the world at any age can win a life changing amount of cash when playing online pokie machines!

This does of course mean that the Arabian Nights pokie machines jackpot has now been reset to its seed value and will once again start to rise in value as more and more players give it some play time online, however many of the more savvy pokie game players will probably be giving this pokie game a very wide berth for the foreseeable future as it is going to be very unlikely that it is going to award another progressive jackpot in the coming weeks or months until the jackpot recovers and grows to some significant amounts once again!

The unusual thing about this NetEnt designed Arabian Nights pokie machine is that it is one of only a very small number of online pokie games that has just five paylines to be set into play and as it is a video slot game boasting 5 reels that makes it an even rare type of pokie game, and if you add into the equation the progressive jackpot element of the slot then we can safely say there are not that many pokie machines out there that are designed in a similar way to this Arabian Night pokie machine!

You will be able to give this pokie machine any amount of play time at any of our approved NetEnt software powered casino sites, there are many such sites available online and what makes them very unique is that you do not have to download a gaming platform to be able to access and play their pokie games as they all use flash to power them and as such are instant play pokie and casino games.

If you do enjoy playing pokie game son which you can win some massive jackpots then it really will pay for you to check out the other many progressive pokie machines which can be accessed and played at any NetEnt software powered casino site.

They have some of the largest paying pokie games available online and pokie games such as the Hall of Gods or their Mega Fortune pokie games have been at the top of many players’ lists of pokie games to play and have paid out some massive jackpots over the last year!

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