Fruit Machine Pokie Game Bonus Features

Today we are going to give you an insight into some of the many different types of bonus games and bonus features that you can be awarded with if you choose to play the Fruit Machine type of pokie machines that a lot of pokie sites and online casinos have on offer, check through this listing for detail of how each of the listed bonus games and bonus features work and play.

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Hold Feature –At the end of any given spin there is a chance that the game will allow you hold the reels; this could be to award you a bonus feature, make a win or simply move you up the trail ladder.

Nudge Feature – The Nudge feature allows players to nudge any reel down a set number of times. On some fruit machines however, they also come with a Nudge Gamble feature, and this could see you getting in most cases 4 nudges, however others sometimes offer more.

Bonus Board Games – These games are what they say on the tin. You’re either given a monopoly type layout, or you’re given a snakes and ladders type layout. You’ll simply have to work around the board accumulating features and cash. Remember you can also be killed off losing all your winnings.

High or Lower Bonus Games – You will find some Hi Lo games, and these will either have 1 number reel, or 3, then idea of these is to guess the outcome of the next game. On the three reels hi lo games, you can swap and change the reel you bet on. For example, if the left most reels have 5 in it, the centre has 1 in it, and the rightmost reel has 3 in it, you can choose the centre one to be guaranteed a winning number. It should be noted as well, they tend to only go from 1 – 12.

Number Trail Feature – On some Fruit Machines, you’ll have what’s called a trail ladder, and this simply is what you need to work up to get to the bonus game. Some of the reel symbols will have numbers on them, and these numbers denote how far up the ladder you go. In some cases you’ll also see the ladder hold, meaning it won’t reset at the start of the next spin.

Fruit Machine Gamble Games – The gamble games on fruit machines are numerous, too many to mention, however one that is popular with boom or bust players is the Greed type game, and this sees you with a base amount between to numbers, the 2 numbers flash and you need to get the larger amount to the right to get bigger rewards, however on this type of feature, you could lose.

Bonus Cash Pots – These more as a progressive bonus, and more often than not are found in private members clubs (I don’t know what you’d call them in Australia, I’m English, but over here they’re generally Labour, Conservative, Liberal and Working Men’s Clubs, basically a load of old women that bicker over who’s sitting in who’s chair and shushing constantly during bingo!). Now, when playing these games, there is a chance that you may be awarded with the Cash Pot, and this is a prize, generally larger than the jackpot which is awarded through the bonus feature.

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