How Does Pokies work?

Understanding the basics of  Pokies and how do they work

Simplicity – Pokies are very much simple. They use RNG to select the outcome for any spin. These numbers are compared with the different symbols that appear on the reels of the machine. The players are offered with random selection and so it certainly is not possible to predict the next number. When speaking of slots it certainly is not possible to guess the payout cycle. With this game you certainly might not make use of guess work to improve your chance of winning.

This certainly is not the case only with slots but every other casino offers with games that are based on RNG tactics. In most cases the casinos are having the odds against the player. This certainly is one of the factors why most casinos like the slot machines to offer players with similar randomness as compared to other casino games. In most cases casinos with slot machines certainly have to follow gambling regulations. These are the types of machines that are unaffected by your cards so you certainly can expect jackpot to hit randomly anytime during the game play.

Basics – The moment you select to play the three reel slot machine, the RNG selects three different numbers randomly. The numbers are in accordance to the symbols that are displayed on the reels. No matter what slot machine you select they follow the same principle.

  • By the time you spin the reels the RNG has already made its selection and the game is over. The stops are simply selected within fraction of seconds after you spin the wheel but the results are only displayed for the player after the wheels stops spinning. The fact is that when playing slot machines they are designed to offer you with results with wheels. It is possible for a machine to display the winning combination the moment you insert the coin. So even if the machine is not making use of spinning wheels still it might not affect the outcome of the game.

When playing any slot machine you certainly have a chance to make use of 30 to 50 stops for a single reel. When using a mechanical wheel machine it offers players with around 256 different stop combinations. A virtual wheel is capable of handling more number of stops as compared to mechanical wheel.

The moment the slot machine is opened by any mechanic you get to see these wheels present inside it. The stops make use of combinations of different symbols that are present one the wheels. This is a simple fact that you need to keep in mind when playing slot machine in any casino.

Apart from this the principle explained here is related to a single reel slot machine. When playing slots, the machines offer with minimum three to five reels. This factor increases the weighting as it tends to get much heavier with more number of reels. So with the five reel slot machine it is certain that you might have unlimited options to loose as compared to single option for winning. It is important that you calculate the probability factor when playing slot machines.

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