How to Enter and Win Pokie Tournaments

There are of course lots of different online pokie tournaments that you can take part in and if you have been looking for a much cheaper way to play Pokie machines online then it may just be worth your while entering several of these pokie tournaments! In this section of our website we shall take a closer look at everything that is involved with playing in an online pokie tournaments and as such keep on reading for we think these Pokie playing competitions may just be something you are interested in doing!

The first thing that you are going to have to do to play in a Pokie tournament is to find an online casino that has them available, if you are one of our Australian based Pokie players then you will be best off choosing a Microgaming powered online casino and opt to use the downloadable gaming platform, for those sites are where you will find an unlimited supply of ongoing pokie tournaments.

Next you will have to register your own unique username which will be used to identify you in the pokie tournaments, please think long and hard about what username you choose and then make a note of it to ensure you never forget it!

Once you have registered your own unique user name then you are ready to roll, simply select the pokie tournament button from the side game menu and giving it a click and then you will be presented with all of the days and months up and coming Pokie tournaments. You will be very pleased to learn that you are going to be able to play in a range of free to enter Pokie tournaments when playing at a Microgaming powered online casino site and those tournaments have real money prizes up for grabs, so they are certainly well worth entering!

You will also find a range of paid to enter tournaments and if you would prefer entering one of them then simply click on the one which has taken your fancy and you will then be presented with a screen letting your know how much the tournament is to enter, what the tournament rules are and a breakdown of the cash prizes on offer.

You will need to have money in your casino account for as soon as you click on the register button then the cost of the pokie tournament, if it is not a free to enter one, will then be deducted from your casino account balance.

As soon as you have done that you simply need to wait until the tournament starts and you will be prompted to take your cyber seat from within the software! The one best tip we can pass onto you when playing in a pokie tournament is to keep on clicking away on the pokie games spin button for it is very important that you get as many spins played off before the timer reaches zero, so do get clicking away like a mad person as the more spins you make the more chances you have of winning!


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