How to Play Pokies on a Blackberry Device

How to Play Pokies on a Blackberry Device


If you are using a Blackberry device, you’ll be able to play pokies in a slightly different way as on an Android device or iPhone. Now, unlike the iPhone or Android, or even the Windows Mobile OS, this will be split into 2 sections. One for the hard QWERTY keyboard devices (which have the smaller screen but a physical keyboard) such as the Curve, Bold and Q10, and the solely touch screen models such as the Curve 9380 and Z10.

Now, although all Blackberries’s run the same thanks to the closed source, specifically designed OS for Blackberry devices, the two flavours of phone (hard keyboard and soft keyboard) work in completely different ways. On the hard models, the rolling centre button works as a mouse, if you imagine earlier laptops with the centre mouse button that looked a bit like a nipple.

When you play any game or you’re using an app like Twitter or Facebook, you are point and click dependent. The same goes when you play online pokies. This is most important if you like playing Fruit Machine type pokies where you have 5 buttons, nudges and holds. When playing the games, regardless of the type of slot, you will most likely need to hit more buttons than just Max Bet before you begin to select your wagers, lines played etc.

This will have to be done with the rolling button, and will be clicked when you press the centre button.  I always recommend this, and for any device, but enter any game you want to play in free play mode first to get to grips with how your device reacts. In the case of the hard keyboard devices, I do believe this to be of great importance in this instance, because after all, no one likes making mistakes with money!  When you’re acquainted with your game, click the play for real button to enter the casino and place real wagers.

On the soft variant of the Blackberry, you have a little more freedom due to you being able to just tap and go. Now  although the touch screen does allow for a much quicker game, because you’re not rolling the mouse across the screen, you do have to be careful, because unfortunately, no touch screen is 100% accurate, and as such, if you have larger fingers, you can accidently press the wrong button (we’ve all sent those texts to the wrong person!). To get used to the pokie you want to play, enter in free play, have a few spins and play about with all of the settings such as altering lines, wagers, coin values and viewing the pay table. You’ll quickly adapt to the screen and how your specific device likes to be tickled when playing the pokie. When you’re ready and comfortable, hit the Play For Real button and get playing some real money games.

On both devices, the actual mechanics work identical which I’ll cover now.

I am gathering you haven’t downloaded a casino suite yet, so first off, find your casino of choice (and make sure it’s registered with a gaming commission!), download and install the app. Register with them, which takes a few minutes, and deposit your first cash amount into your bank. You will be offered a thank you gift which you can accept or decline, and head to the main lobby. You’ll see a similar layout to the computer version of the casino, just a bit smaller. Select Pokies, and hit the one you want to play. It will need to download the core files for the game, but this only takes a few seconds and you will be ready to play. Enter the free play mode to get used to the game if you wish, but I really recommend it, and once you are comfortable with the game and you have a good idea of how your device likes to be handled, take the plunge and enjoy a gaming session. Good luck!

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