How to Work Out Actual Pokie Game Payout Percentage

How to Work Out Actual Pokie Game Payout Percentage

Each and every pokie game you will be able to access and play online will have its very own unique long term expected return to player payout percentage which is often referred to as the pokie games RTP.

This RTP is the amount, over the long term operation of that one single pokie game that it is has been designed to return to players as winning payouts. However it is always worth noting that the payout percentage is going to vary greatly depending on which pokie games you play and as which site powered by which software providers suite of games you play.

There are some large differences between both land based slot games and online pokie games in regards to payout percentages with the latter named pokies often offering the best RTP’s and as such by moving your slot play into the online environment from a land based one, then shopping around and comparing the payout percentages of the slots on offer you can find some very high paying pokies available to play.

Most land based pokie machines can be legally set to return shockingly low payout percentages which can be as low as 70%, meaning that just 70c in the Dollar that is put into the pokie machine and played off is going to get returned to players.

However when you are playing online pokie game the payout percentages can often be as high as 94% to 99% and by playing such slots you will find you get extended pokie playing sessions and also more regularly winning sessions, so it is a no brainer to stick to playing online pokies and forget about playing land based ones!

Be  aware, and this is important, that when playing online pokies your actual payout percentage for any one session is going to vary greatly, and even though a pokie game has a published payout percentage of let’s say 98% it doesn’t mean that you will get that payout percentage on every session you play.

The short term payout percentage of any pokie playing session can swing violently in one direction or the other. Many people use a very poor paying pokie playing session as a way of asking an online casino for a discretionary comp or free bonus and in this regards you will need to know how to work out your actual payout percentage correctly, and below we will explain how to do just that, and it is much easier than you may think!

You first need to make a note of the stake levels at which you are playing each spin of the pokie machine for, this is much easier to keep track of if you are keeping the stakes static throughout your session, if not write down the running total of all stakes you have player per spins you make, do not include free spins bonus games just the actual cost of playing each base game spin of the pokie machine.

Next keep track of everything that you have won and had credited to your credit meter, do not include losing gamble type features, just winning payouts that have actually be credited to your credit meter at the online casino you are playing at.

To work out your actual payout percentages per session simply divide the winning payout amount by the stakes and the result of this calculation is the payout percentage of that session. As an example if your payouts amounted to 104.00 and your stakes cost you 156.00 then dividing the former by the latter get the result of 0.66, forget the zero and the decimal point the numbers after this are used to work out your actual payout percentage.

If your returns are greater than you stakes then you will have had a winning session and this will see your actual payout percentage being over 100%, for example let us say your payout amounted to 199.00 and your stakes cost you 134.00 then dividing the former by the latter results in 1.48, in such case were the figure preceding the decimal point is a positive figure (not a zero) then keep that figure and just remove the decimal point and in our example this means your actual payout percentage for that session is 148%.

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