IGT Pokies a Popular Choice for Players

If you have ever sat down or stood up for that matter to play pokie games which have been designed and manufactured by IGT then you will not need us to tell you just how highly playable they are, each IGT Pokie game comes with a very unique and exclusive theme and with plenty of different playing features offered on them all, pokie players are really in for an entertaining session whenever they start to play IGT slot games.

In fact IGT have just released an interesting set of facts and figures in regards to their trading figures and these do make interesting reading, and shows the world that IGT are in fact proving to be a very successful company and who has a long term commitment to being the best pokie game designer and manufacturer in the world!

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The trading report that IGT has just released states that their revenues grew by an impressive two percent and that figure in Dollars is a massive $541 million, which does indeed show they have a huge company and one that has a massive turnover.

One aspect and area that IGT has been very successful in recently is Social Gaming, in fact they have reported that the Year on Year revenues in regards to their Social Gaming activities has had a massive increase in revenue jumping a total of 57%!

This growth is of course mainly down to IGT launching a very successful range of online slot game which can be accessed additionally on mobile devices and can be played on sites such as Facebook.

However what we did find rather unusual in regards to these pokie games which can be accessed in this way is that to begin with you are given a free amount of credits to test out their social media pokie games, however when those credits have been exhausted  you can then purchase credits which will let you carry on playing.

However there is no financial reward for playing these types of slot games! For a chance to win real money when playing IGT slot games online you do of course have to play them at an online casino site and there are a growing number of casinos available online that offer IGT’s suite of Pokie games.

With online gambling now becoming legal in more and more US States and with many other countries now legalizing online gaming it is expected that during the next year and beyond land based pokie designers such as IGT are going to see continued growth as more and more online casino sites come online and start trading.

The best part about playing IGT pokie games is that they are instantly recognizable and fully trusted pokie machines that many pokie players will have seen in land based casinos throughout the world, and where as some online casino pokie game suppliers are relatively unknown there is no getting away from the fact that IGT have been trading for years and are a well respected, trusted and reliable pokie game designer who have been granted land based licenses for their games.

Have a good look around our website should you be looking to play pokie games online which are designed by IGT as there are quite a number of our top rated casinos that have their suite of pokie games on offer and available.

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