Low Stakes Poker Player?

Low Stakes Poker Player?

We are pleased to report that if you, like many other online poker players are having to cut back your available poker playing budget due to the current financial climate, then Full Tilt Poker have just announced that on the 9th of June 2013 they are launching their brand new range of low Stake and micro stakes poker tournament.

This is sure to be a very popular tournament which aptly goes by the name of the Micro Turbo Online Poker Series, or as it will probably become known the MTOPS Poker Tournament for short!

What makes this low stake poker tournament unique is that unlike most others that have gone live recently by other poker sites, the Fill Tilt MTOPS Tournament comes with a guaranteed $2M in guaranteed prizes, therefore making it a must enter tournament for anyone who is serious about taking part and entering online poker tournament and wishes to do so for low risk, low stake levels.

This MTOPS Tournament is scheduled to run from June 9th right through until June 23rd, and as such you should be making plans to enter it if you want a shot at picking up any of those cash prizes on offer.

Should this tournament be of interest to you then make sure you get yourself over to the Full Tilt Poker website and register well in advance as a brand new real money poker player, as by registering and signing up at their site now this will mean when the starting date arrives you will instantly be able to register and take part in this tournament.

It is also worth pointing out that Full Tilt Poker currently have a new player sign up bonus and as such if you have never played there before and wish to play for real money then you will be able to increase your poker bankroll by taking full advantage of their new player sign up offer, the details of which can of course be found on their website.

Fill Tilt Poker have a huge collection of real money poker games and poker tournaments always up and running and as one of the world’s most populated online poker sites this will mean you are always going to find plenty of players to sit down and take on, no matter when you choose to play there, their software is easy to use and comes packed with different player adjustable options and features.

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