Making Sense of All Ways Pokie Games

It can often be hard enough trying to make sense of some of the older online Pokie games without trying to keep track of all the new playing structures that many of the new Pokie machines have attached to them, however as we are committed to bringing to you all of the relevant facts and figures relating to playing pokies online in this guide we are going to take a look at how the new All Ways structured Pokie machines work, play and operate, if you have wondered how these game work then do keep on reading!

The way to look at an All Ways pokie game is as a game on which the reel symbols are similar to scatter symbols, and by this we mean that to be able to spin in a winning combination when playing these slots you only need to get the required number of symbols in view from reel one onwards and then on consecutive reels to award you with a guaranteed winning payout.

This means that if you have for example a Bell symbol on reels one, two and three in any order in any reel position after the five video reels of these pokie machines come to a complete stop then you will have won a three of a kind bell payout!

This does of course mean the days of watching the reel spinning and you missing out on a large winning payout due to one of the reel symbols not being on the payline where four other symbols are lined up are long gone, for as long as you can see a set of matching reel symbols from the first payline onwards then you have won that respective winning payout as listed on the Pokie games pay table!

There are a few additional things that you need to know about in regards to playing these All Ways pokie machines, the first is that you will find there are lots of different ways to win in play depending on which one you choose to play and secondly you do not have to place a wager on every single way to win, instead on set amount of credits will enable you to spin the reels and play every possible winning combination, and when playing some 243 ways to win Pokie machines the number of coins needed can be as low as just 25 coins!

The different number of ways you are likely to find in play on these All Ways Pokie machines, will, as mentioned be determined by just which game you choose to play but the most common ones offer 243 ways to win, 1024 ways to win and 3125 ways to win! In fact you will find a few IGT designed online Pokie machines which can offer you 720 ways to win.

Just remember that unique playing structure when you choose to play any All Ways pokie machine online and you should have no problems keeping track of your activate ways to win!

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