Microgaming Freeroll Pokie Tournament Guide

Microgaming Freeroll Pokie Tournament Guide

Did you know there are a range of completely free of charge pokie tournaments that are available to anyone holding a Microgaming casino account? Well if you didn’t know then allow us to present to you the network wide Microgaming Freeroll Tournaments as they are known.

If you have never taken part in a Freeroll Pokie Tournament, then you will of course first need to be a member of a Microgaming casino, of which there are many, and then all you need to do is to click on the Tournament tab which is located on the left hand side main games menu when you log into the casino, then click on Slots and all of the days Freerolls will be displayed for you.

Be aware that the tournaments are listed in order of them becoming live, and as there are both paid to enter tournaments in addition to the Freerolls, should you just wish to view the free to enter ones simply click on the Entry tab at the top of the Pokie Tournament listing and they will then be listed in order of the entry fee charged, and as such the free ones will be listed first.

A Freeroll Pokie Tournament is a pokie game playing competition, you will be awarded with a large amount of free credits to lay the pokies with and you will be allocated a set amount of time to take part in the respective tournament.

You then need to play the pokie game as quickly as you can with the aim being that the players winning the largest amount of tournament credits will be deemed to be the winning, and a set of prizes will be offered to those entrants who have amassed the biggest scores. Here are some of the Freeroll Pokie Tournaments being held this week at Microgaming powered online casinos;

One Hour $50 Freeroll – A couple of times each day all Microgaming powered casinos will offer a free to enter pokie tournament, these are held at the same time in each casino, and there is a set of five $10 prizes awarded to the top five entrants taking part in this free roll.

$1k Survivor Tournament – This particular freeroll pokie tournament is what is known as a Satellite Tournament, and by taking part in it at no cost to yourself, you could win entry into the $1k Survivor main event, which has a prize pool of $1000. There are a total of thirteen free entries to be won on this freeroll pokie tournament so you have a good chance of ending the tournament with a free entry into that main event!

Weekend Whopper Freeroll Tournament – There is a large paid to enter pokie tournament held every weekend at Microgaming powered online casino sites, and this is the Weekend Whopper Pokie Tournament which a massive prize pool of some $10000 up for grabs it is a tournament worth entering. However, you could win your entry by taking part in the free to enter Satellite Tournaments held throughout the week, so do look out for these!

When you first launch a Freeroll Pokie Tournament from the side menu at any Microgaming casino site you will first need to register a username, so think up a good one before you launch the Tournament!

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