New Pokie Gamble Options

New Pokie Gamble Options

If you are old enough to remember the very early online pokies, then you may have come across the original gamble type feature which was offered on many of those much older pokie games. This was the card predicting game, whereby you have to guess whether the card about to be revealed was Black or Red. A correct guess would see the original win you gambled doubled in value, however guess incorrectly and that original win would be lost.

Recently however many online pokie games have been given new types of gamble game features, and we would like to introduce you to some of the newer ways you can try and increase your winnings via these new ways of gambling.

The first major change to the way the gamble game works was the addition of the guess the suit of the next card, instead of offering you just a double or nothing type of gamble you had the option of trying to predict the suit of the card about to be shown, when you predicted the suit correctly you would be given a x4 boost in the value of your winning payout.

One of the newest gamble options attached to a lot of the latest Microgaming powered pokie game is the Your Gamble feature option, this give you full control of the amount of money you wish to wager from your base game win and also the odds of your winning payout achieved during the gamble game.

How this works is that a wheel is displayed on the gamble game screen, and you can turn as much of this wheel into a winning zone as you like, the bigger the segment of the wheel you turn into a winning zone the lower the payout odds become.

An arrow then spins in the centre of the gamble game wheel once you set it in motion and if the arrow stops in the winning zone you win, if it lands in the losing zone, well, obviously you will lose. Once you have had a winning gamble then you are given the option of collecting the entire amount, or gambling any of the current winning amounts, which means you can gamble and win repeatedly time and time again as long as you keep on winning during this gamble game!

Another type of new pokie gamble game is the coin tossing round this is popular with Sherriff Gaming’s collection of online pokie machines. Once you have had a winning spin on the base game then by selecting the gamble game option you can then predict whether a coin will land after being tossed, with the Heads or Tails side of the coin upwards.

The odds of guessing this correctly is of course even money and as such this game offers pokie players a 50/50 chance of actually doubling their original winning payouts value. Look out for this gamble game when you next play online as it is certainly a new and more exciting type of feature.

Another new pokie game gamble game can be found on many new types of pokie games, and this is one whereby you will have to guess whether three dice, which are going to be rolled before your eyes on the gamble game screen, are going to add up to either an odd or even number.

Once you have chosen odd or even roll the dice, count up the total of all of the up facing sides  of each of the three dice and if you have guessed correctly then your original base game win is going to be doubled.




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