One Hour Free Play Pokie Bonuses

As you look around our website you will come across many different online pokie sites and online casinos that are giving away a unique type of welcome bonus when you become a new customer of that respective pokie site.

These types of bonuses are called one hour free play bonuses, and unlike the deposit bonuses you will always find being offered to you, these one hour free play bonuses offer you something different, and if you are a pokie player in particular then they really are worth you taking a closer look at for some of them, but not all of them offer excellent value and will give you not only an enhanced first pokie playing session at the casino you take advantage of the bonus at but plenty of winning opportunities are also on offer.

One Hour Free Play PokieSo if you do come across any of these one hour free play pokie bonus offers then have a read through the following hints and tips for using them first for it will enable you to see which ones offer true value and with ones don’t.

Bonus Amount – The actual value of the one hour free play bonus you will be given as a no deposit bonus will vary from casino to casino, the most commonly found amounts are AUD500 and AUD1000, however you will come across many differently valued ones, the amount of the free bonus is not really important!

Using the Bonus – When you have been credited with a one hour free pokie bonus you then will have your free bonus cash in your account then you have one hour to win as much as you can, try and play the slots which are well known for having the best and high payout percentages with this bonus, and also play maximum paylines and maximum coin values when playing out this bonus.

Hitting the Limit – Make sure you know just how much you can claim as a bonus when you take one of these free play promotions, the most commonly awarded maximum amount you can claim is AUD100, and this is awarded when you have won AUD100 over and above the initial starting balance you was awarded!

This information is found on the terms and conditions of the bonus so make sure you have read through the rules of that bonus, and if you do manage to win that mount during your game play and you have made the required number of bets during your session then immediately stop playing and claim your bonus!

Deposit Amount – The one thing that all of the many one hour free play bonuses you will come across share is the fact that when you finally have won over and above the starting balance awarded to you and then want to claim the winnings as a bonus you need to make a deposit into the casino.

Make sure that the amount you deposit is a small fraction of the bonus you will be awarded with, for example being able to claim AUD100 as a bonus on this kind of promotion for depositing just AUD20 is a good deal, however conversely if you can claim via one of these bonuses AUD100 but first have to deposit AUD50 then that is a very poor valued bonus and is just like a 100% deposit match that most other pokie sites are offering!


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