Playing Pokies using Facebook

If you want to play pokies on Facebook, you need just 2 things. A Facebook account and an internet connection! If you don’t have an account, or you want to keep you pokie action private, you can set up up to 3 accounts on Facebook, meaning by rights you could have one account for friends, one for work colleagues and one for your gaming.

Now, all of the pokie apps, like all the other social apps on Facebook have a social element to them, inviting friends to play etc. However, unlike say EA’s The Sims Free Play, where your social feed is essential to progress, the pokie apps don’t require this for you to play.

You simply have to log in, find an app at which you want to play, and allow the game to install. It’s as easy as that.

Now, unlike the real world, where you have to wait 4 weeks until you next get paid, the social pokie apps award you credits between every 2 and 4 hours, meaning you’ll never have too long to wait should you ever bust out. If you find you can’t wait that long, you do have the option to purchase additional coins, which although not a real currency, can really extend your playing session with coin bundles starting from a couple of AU$.

Once you have installed the Pokie App, everything else is pretty self-explanatory. It’s a bit like a downloaded suite of games except it’s launched in your browser and you have all the usual social feed plug-ins.

Fun to Play Pokies

Depending on which pokie app you decide to play, your RTP will vary, however, when you’re playing with ‘fake’ money that you haven’t paid for, you have to accept and expect to not win on every spin! However the Facebook Pokies are mildly tweaked to make them work. For example, no one in their right mind would wager 50k per spin at a casino, however, because of the way a lot of the Facebook Pokie apps award coins (generally vastly inflated compared to an actual slot), the wagers are inflated to hold a reasonable bearing onto the winnings.

Also, you’ll notice that inviting your friends to play will be rewarded with you receiving extra coins and bonuses, which although not essential, can make your playing experience that little bit more entertaining.

So going back to the playing of slots, unlike a downloaded casino suite, you don’t have to download the games individually or even install them. This is thanks to them all being Flash powered, and as such, run with Java at the back end making them instantly accessible. Up on completing the load, you’ll have the familiar layout which is used by all casinos, Facebook based or not. You’ll have your spin buttons and wager buttons, as well as the usual Pay table, Played Lines, Cash out and so on.

Simply select the wager you wish to play at, and hit the Spin button. Should it be a bonus slot, you’ll find that they do play in the same way casino slots play, and are just as random also, making them the perfect way to get a slot playing fix without having to spend a single penny. You should be warned however, some of them are still In BETA, and as such, can be temperamental however simply reloading the page will 9 times out of 10 rectify the issues.

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