Pokie adverts to be banned?

Pokie adverts to be banned?

A leading Australian MP has spoken out and has announced that he is hoping to see the introduction to a bill which will outlaw all gambling advertisements, whilst the number of advertisements promoting gambling sites and venues is not as huge as those seen in some countries the MP, which for reference is Stephen Jones is becoming increasingly alarmed and those he is seeing advertised all over the place in Australia!

He is hoping that by introducing such a bill this will reduce the number of people in Australia becoming hooked on gambling, however in a strange twist he has stated the he does not want to see either horse racing or greyhound racing advertisements banned, which is rather unusual if his moral stance is to be believed.

The medium use for promoting gambling sites and venues which Jones wishes to see completely banned are those on television and on radio, and this will be a bit of a sting for those television channels and radio stations that rely on the income from such advertisements.

He also wants to see advertisements which include live betting odds also banned and any changes made to such advertisements and gambling laws need to be fully reviewed as he feels problem gamblers do not get enough protection by the current laws regarding advertising gambling sites and venues.

He appears to have a bee in his bonnet that people are looking to bet on sporting events other than horse racing, and with the popularity of soccer betting for example being as popular as ever he feels that betting on sports events and fixtures should not be given prevalence over some of the more established forms of gambling such as horse and greyhound racing.

Jones has probably been look at countries such as the UK who allow advertisements on both radio and television that advertise all manner of different gambling sites from Pokie sites to Bingo sites, and it has to be said in Great Britain a high percentage of all media advertisements are now gambling related and there has been an upward swing in gambling related problems being reported.

If you agree or disagree with his stand then is may be worth you getting in touch with Stephen Jones MP and letting his know your views or your own experience in reference to whether watching gambling advertisements or hearing them on the radio has had any direct effect on your gambling habits.

This blanket ban of these types of gambling adverts propped by Jones are not going to go down very well with the many gambling related companies based in Australia and as such we expect both sides of the argument to come out in force to stop any potential changes to gambling advertisements in Australia.

One area where a ban on advertisements in going to have no effect what so ever is on the internet, in fact this is probably where Jones should be focussing his attention as it is a well known fact more and more people in Australia are now spending much more time online that they are watching television or listening to the  radio, and there really are no shortages of online gambling sites available, and the number of advertisements for such sites being found on the internet on a huge number of websites is constantly growing.

As always we will report back should his bill be gaining support and get proposed officially however as with most things legal in Australia we expect it to be quite a while before the powers that be get around to it!


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