Pokie Apps Warning

Pokie Apps Warning

Australia’s The Age newspaper recently issued a warning on using some gambling Apps on your mobile phone or mobile device. Having discovered some of them pose security risks by accessing not only the camera feature but also the address book on such devices.

gambling appsWhilst these Apps, often from unknown providers, will pose a security risk it is worth pointing out that all of the major online casino software providers who have recently launched their own mobile casino games and pokie game Apps offer the highest levels of security.

This is a timely reminder that when you are considering moving your online casino or land based pokie action over to the mobile casino environment, you really do need to ensure that you stick to using tried and tested brand named software.

With free pokie and casino game Apps readily available to not only Australian gamblers but worldwide casino game players, you should take just as many precautions when downloading such Apps as you would with an online casinos software, and below we have put together a checklist to help you make an informed decision on which ones offer you the safest and fairest games.

Certified Fair Games – By sticking to the best known pokie game designers such as Playtech, Microgaming and Wagerworks for example, you will be playing certified games. This means each and every pokie and casino game App they make available has been independent verified as completely random.

The only way you are going to be 100% confident that the pokie or casino game you are playing on your mobile phone is fair and completely random is by sticking to mobile casinos using one of the major online casino software companies games. Playing pokies or casino games anywhere else on your mobile could be a risky proposition!

Downloading Pokie Apps – It is also important that you choose the sites at which you download your pokie and casino game Apps from carefully, stick to those which can be downloaded directly from the casinos own websites and not an App Store or website which you have never come across before.

You can also request a SMS text message to be sent directly from an established online casinos website, this will then allow you to get the mobile games whenever you choose by following the instructions on this message. This is by far the safest way to get any casino game or pokie game App installed and ready to play on your mobile phone or mobile device.

The risks involved when you download a pokie or casino game App which is then going to cause you all manner of security problems will be greater if you get these Apps from sites other than well known and trusted sites, so please take great care when choosing to play such mobile games!

Having said all of the above, the number of online casinos now opening and launching their very own mobile casinos continues to grow, and this is a great way to play all of your favourite pokie games.

You can play them on any standard Feature Phone, Smart Phone or any Tablet device, should you be considering giving some of them a try then as mentioned above visit an online casino site at which you already hold an account and see if they have launched their very own mobile casino.

If they have simply follow the links to their mobile website or scan the Q Code to instantly get their games loaded onto your mobile phone or mobile device. You will get access to not only a wide collection of pokie games and casino games, but you will also have access to some unique mobile exclusive bonus offers!


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