Pokie Auto Play and Pokie Bonuses

We would like to draw your attention to some recent changes that a lot of online pokie sites have been making to the terms and conditions associated with both their new player sign up bonuses along with their ongoing promotional offers that these sites have available to their regular pokie players and customers, as these changes may affect you!

pokies newsWhat we have started to see is that several online casinos are not imposing a rule attached to their bonus offers that does not permit the use of the Auto Play feature when you have taken a bonus and then opt to play any of their pokie games with that bonus.

This may on first glance seem like a ridiculous rule and one that does not have any direct affect on your overall chances of winning when using an online casinos bonus and when you are playing pokie games, however sadly due to a lot of casino players now simply looking to mop up bonuses with the hope of winning and not becoming a regular player at any casino site then many casino have started to impose this rule and add it to their terms and conditions.

So when you are looking at claiming any online casino bonus do make sure that you read through the terms and conditions of their bonus offers very closely to see if you are not allowed to use the Auto Play feature that is attached to any slot game, and if that casino does have such a game play rule in place then never, and we do mean never use the Auto Play feature when you have a bonus in your account, for if you do you will find any winnings won from that bonus may be voided!

If you are wondering what advantage there is of using the Auto Play feature as opposed to clicking the start or spin button to set each spin of the reels into live play, then there is of course no advantage, however what a lot of players have been doing is simply registering as a new player at many online casinos, taking the welcome bonuses and then using the Auto Play feature to make just the required number of spins to meet the play through requirements attached to those bonuses, and once they have they then cash out any winnings if of course they have accumulated any winnings.

This does not of course ever guarantee that these bonus abusers as they are known are actually going to make  a profit, however if they do open up a lot of accounts there is a good chance that by taking the new player bonus offers at each of them they will have  an increased chance of winning.

So just be aware that whilst the majority of players do enjoy playing slots for entertainment along with having the chance of getting a few winning sessions here and there, if you do intend taking advantage of any casino bonus always read through those terms and conditions for if you fall foul to any single rule such as this new Auto Play usage rule you could end up losing and having voided any winnings you make!

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