Pokie Auto Play Facility

Pokie Auto Play Facility

You will come across more and more online pokie machines and games which allow you to utilize what is known as an Auto Play facility. This is simply a way for you to play the pokie machine, but without the need to sit there repeatedly clicking on the start button.

When you use this Auto Play facility, you can opt to play a set number of games such as 10 or 20 of them by clicking on the relevant button, or you could opt to choose to play any number of spins chosen by yourself.

To give you a deeper insight into what the additional optional settings are on Microgamings Auto Play facility, we have an overview of them below for you, and this will enable you to make an informed decision on whether it is going to be a useful game play option for you to use, or not!

We should point out, however, that some online casinos which use Microgamings state of the art software, will not let you play a bonus with the Auto Play facility activated, whilst the reasons for this are unknown, it is worth remembering this, and as such always check the casino at which you are playing, to ensure you can, if you choose to use the Auto Play facility with a bonus in your account!

Auto Play Settings

To utilize the Auto Play facility on Microgamings pokie machine you will first need to click on the Expert button, this is very easy to find as it is located alongside all of the game play control buttons found at the foot of each pokie game.

Once you have clicked on this button you will be given several different options, the first is to play one of the preset number of spins shown on the buttons, so you can play 5 or 10 games instantly by clicking on the relevant button.

However, should you prefer you can open up the Auto Play settings box and select from many different options. You will be able to choose an exact number of spins to play on this Auto Play feature, from one up to 9999 of them.

You will also be able to choose the amount of time between each spin being played out, so if you are looking for a very fast set of spins, then set the Auto Play to have the minimal amount of time between each spin.

You will often also be able to choose when the pokie game will stop playing automatically should various things happen as those spins are playing out, such as when a bonus game is triggered, or when your bank increases by a certain amount of credits, or even when a jackpot is won when the game is playing via the Auto Play.

The way in which Microgaming allow you full control over this Auto Play setting, will enable you to totally and completely tailor make your own playing sessions, and as such you will have plenty of fun and games when playing any of their pokie machines online.

It is worth pointing out that at any time you can turn off the Auto Play settings, so if you are watching a preset number of free spins playing out, and for any reason what so ever you no longer wish to play the remaining spins, simply turn of this Auto Play facility, and any remaining spins left to play will be instantly cancelled, allowing you to move onto another pokie game or even make a withdrawal, if you happen to have won a tidy sum!

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