Pokie Bonus Game Trigger Values

Pokie Bonus Game Trigger Values

We thought we would take a little look at when, on average, you should be awarded the bonus games on a selection of Microgaming pokie games. It is true to say that the most exciting part of playing video pokies is when these bonus rounds are triggered, and by knowing when you should be triggering them, we may possibly help you find a few of them to play!

The only way you can accurately work out when bonus games should trigger, is by taking a look at the reel strips on each individual pokie machine, then finding out how many scatter or bonus game triggering symbols are on each reel. Then by doing some simple mathematics you can work out when they should be awarded to you. Below is an insight into what we have discovered on several of Microgamings most popular pokie games.

ONLINE POKIES GAMESWasabi San Pokie – This Wasabi San pokie game is another of the multi line, bonus video pokies which Microgaming are so very good at designing. This one boasts an Asia theme along with 15 optional paylines.

In regards to what you could trigger, by way of its bonus game, then some 10 free spins are awarded whenever you spin in three or more of the scatter symbols. There is also an additional picking type game, however to trigger this you first need three or more bonus symbols, these must appear on an activated pay line from the first reel onwards.

The odds of you triggering each bonus game will vary, the odds of you triggering the bonus picking game are as follows, (when playing maximum paylines): Three bonus symbols will appear and trigger the bonus games once every 63 spins on average, four and five of them triggering the bonus picking game will occur once every 1269 spins and one every 16,924 spins respectively.

The free spins bonus game which can be triggered on this Wasabi San pokie game will be awarded when three, four or five scatters drop in anywhere in view, and this will happen, on average once every; 143 spins, 2931 spins and 150,440 spins respectively.

Twister Pokie Game – The Twister pokie is one of the 15 pay line pokie games found in all of Microgamings fully downloadable online casinos. This game has just one single bonus game, and that is the free spins round.

When you spin in three or more of the scatter symbols, which for reference are the Television symbols, then you will be awarded with 20 free spins, which, as they are playing out, all have a x2 multiplier in play, and as such each and every winning combination that is formed is worth double the amount listed on the paytable.

By looking at the reel strips, and the number of scatter symbols on each reel, then we have been able to work out, that on average, you will spin in three of them once every 94 spins. You will get four scatters dropping in, anywhere in view, once every 1659 spins. The odds of spinning in five scatters is quite high, and this will happen on average once every 73,543 spins.

World Cup Mania Pokie – This is another of Microgamings pokie games, and this one boasts a soccer theme. It has not one but two triggerable bonus games, and comes with 15 optional paylines.

You will need to line up three or more consecutive bonus symbols on reel number one onwards to trigger the bonus picking game, and this is the most commonly triggered bonus game on this pokie machine. Spinning in three, four or five of these symbols to trigger the bonus game should happen, on average, once every 63 spins, 1269 spins and 16,924 spins respectively.

The free spins bonus game triggers, on average, once every 143 spins, 2931 spins and 150,440 spins, based on three, four and five scatters spinning in respectively. You are awarded 10 free spins which have a x3 multiplier in play when this bonus game triggers.

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