Pokie Jargon Buster

Pokie Jargon Buster

You could be a fairly experienced pokie play or even a complete novice, however there may be some occasional terms or sayings that you will come across when playing pokies online, that may leave you scratching your head, completely unaware of what they mean.

This is where our online pokie jargon buster will come into its own, as below we have listed some of the more unusual terms and sayings surrounding online pokies and you will find a description of what they mean!

All Pays – This is a new way of playing pokie games, and instead of playing individual paylines, on an Allway slot you get to play every payline possible, and for one low cost, set stake.

Autoplay – This is an optional game play feature whereby you will be able to set the slot game to play itself, for any amount of spins and on any stake levels you chose.

Bet Max – The Bet Max button will let you, in one click, play the slot at the highest stake levels for your chosen coin settings.

Bonus Symbols – These are similar to Scatter symbols however whilst they can trigger bonus games, often they have to appear consecutively on activated paylines.

Cancel – This is used on pokie games which offer a Hold facility and by clicking the button it will let you undo the Hold and select any other reels to hold instead.

Fast Play – This is another optional game play feature and this will allow you to instantly speed up the way the slot plays. When you have opted to play a slot in fast play mode all of the reel animations are switched off and the symbols all drop into position rapidly.

Feature Guarantee – This is a new pokie feature, and it is a way of you being able to know, in advance the maximum number of spins you will have to play before you definitely will trigger the bonus game on the pokie machine you are playing.

Gamble – This is an optional bonus feature, whereby you can try and increase a winning spins value by playing a simple card predicting, guessing type game.

Hold – Some online pokie games will let you hold certain reels into position for the next spin, you can often hold a winning combination in place so that on your next spin you win that payout again.

Jackpot Thermometer – This is an on screen indicator found alongside each Microgaming software powered pokie game, which lets you instantly see which games have or haven’t paid out a jackpot recently.

Pay Table – This is usually a clickable button on a pokie game whereby once clicked you will be shown the listing of all of the possible winning combinations which can be formed when you are playing that particular pokie game.

Random Jackpot – This is a progressive type of jackpot which many pokie machines offer, however to win one of them you simply have to be playing that game. They are awarded at random and as such you never need to line up any winning combinations to win one of them, simply play the pokie and hope you are randomly given one of them!

Substitute – This is another name given for a Wild symbol, these symbols will stand in for all other reel prize winning symbols, and sometimes the bonus and scatter symbols, therefore helping you complete a winning combination.

Scatter Symbols – These are reel symbols which can drop in and award either a bonus game or a set of payout no matter where they appear on the reels.

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