Pokie Payout Percentages

Pokie Payout Percentages

One aspect of a pokie machines design which is often overlooked by players is the RTP, this means return to player, and it is the amount of cash which a player can expect to get returned by any pokie machine, over each game cycle, as a percentage of the amount they fed into the game and played.

Let us expand on that, let’s say a pokie machine has a payout percentage listed of 90%, then in theory, when you are playing it, you will get AUS$90 returned as payouts for every AUS$100 you play through that particular machine.

However, it is worth pointing out that the very nature and design of a pokie game means that, a game cycle will vary in length depending on which one you are playing, so this payout percentage will bounce wildly around as you play it.

So you could, as often is the case, play a pokie machine and hit a jackpot or large win in your first few spins on that game, and you payout percentage based on this quickly won payout will be well above 100%, however the published RTP of a pokie game is what you can expect to get paid over the long term.

So if you play any one pokie machine, non stop for a full game cycle then you will expect to get the expected payout percentage that, that particular pokie machine has been set to pay.

Best Paying Pokie Machines

It can often pay massive dividends for you, as an online pokie player, to shop around and checkout what each individual pokie machines payout percentage is set to pay.

By ensuring that you only ever play pokies with the better payout percentages, then you will get more chances of having a winning session. A good rule of thumb is to never play pokies at any online casino or online pokie site which has a payout percentage listed below 96%.

For the ultimate winning opportunities, and a much better game play, seek out and only play those pokie games which have a payout percentage of 97%, 98% or even 99%, there are quite a few of them out there, but they will need some tracking down!

You need to also be aware that in regards to pokie games which offer a progressive jackpot, a small percentage of your stakes are going to be feeding the jackpot payout, and as such this will have a dramatic effect on the payout percentage you will be getting.

So in regards to playing progressive pokie games, try and play only those which have a listed base game payout percentage in the very high ranges and those where the progressive element of the slot isn’t having too much an effect on the actual payout percentage!

Working Out Your Payout Percentage

You will be able to work out the exact payout percentage that you have been awarded when playing any pokie machine online, once you know a couple of figures, and we will now explain you to arrive at an exact payout percentage for any pokie playing session you have had online.

You first need to know how much money you play through on that pokie machine during that session, so when playing always keep a record of the stakes at which you played each spin for and how many spins you played. Do not include any free spins in this figure, simply the number of paid for spins you played.

The second figure you will need to know is how much you won on that pokie machine when you played it. This is only winnings which got credited to your credit meter, and not any winnings which you chose to gamble but lost!

To work out your exact payout percentage for any pokie playing session simply get your total winnings won figure and divide it by your staked amount.

So let us say you won a total of AUS$59.40 on a pokie machine during one session, and the total amount you played, in stakes, was AUS$77.90, then divide the former by the latter and you will have your payout percentage.

This is worked out as follows: AUS$59.40 divided by AUS$77.90 equals 0.76, so get rid of the “0.” bit of the answer, and that will leave 76, and this means that your payout percentage for that session was 76%.

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