Pokie Playing Hints and Tips

Pokie Playing Tips

As all pokie machines are completely random you may be thinking there cannot possibly be any playing hints or tips or strategies that you can put into play to give you an increased chance of winning, well there actually are quite a few of them!

Below we have compiled a guide to playing pokies in such a way that you could increase your winning chances, whilst we should point out that using any of them will not guarantee you a winning session, they could indeed do just that!

Feature Guarantee Pokie Tip – Some pokie machines offer what is known as the Feature Guarantee, this is where the pokie game will guarantee that if you do not trigger the bonus game within a certain number of spins then the pokie will award it to you when you reach a certain amount of spins.

The way in which you should consider playing these types of pokie machines is that when you are getting close to the trigger point you should increase the stake levels, as by doing so when the feature finally triggers, which is has to do, you will get the best possible payouts due to you increasing the stakes!

Pokie Game RTP’s – The most value pokie tip we can give you is to ensure that you stick to playing only those pokie machines which has the very highest RTP’s, this stands for Return To Player and is the payout percentage that all pokie machines are aiming to pay.

The payout percentage each game is set to pay will vary greatly and all savvy online pokie players will track down this information and stick to those which return a figure above 96%, anything less will see you having fewer winning sessions, so find out what the pokie games are set to return and make sure you find and play the better paying ones!

Be aware that some software providers will let the operators of their online pokie machines set the payout percentages themselves, and as such even though two different online casinos may happen to have an identical pokie game one could be set on a lower payout percentage than the other, so you really do need to know each individual casinos pokie machines RTP’s!

Stake Levels – It can often pay dividends for you to start playing any pokie machine initially for low stakes, whilst many players will sit there spinning the reels on maximum coins, when you are playing on a reduced budget try playing fewer paylines and reduce the coin values downwards.

Should the slot be hot and loose then you will of course be able to slowly increase your stake levels accordingly, but keep a level head and if Lady Luck is going to ensure you have a winning session she will do it irrespective of the stake levels you are playing for! So you could get some decent returns even when low rolling.

New Pokie Machines – When a new pokie machine is released online or is wheeled out into a land based casino then many players will make a beeline for this game. The reason many players do this is due to many casino operators increasing the payout percentages of their newest slots, they only do this for a few days or so, and this is to get players playing and winning on them.

However be aware that in the majority of cases when it comes to online pokie games the casino owners and operators cannot increase or decrease the payout percentages of new pokie machines, so if you see one you will have just as much chance winning on it that you would by playing a similar or older pokie machine!

Learn how to increase your overall chances of winning when playing pokie machines online.

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