Pokie Staking Guide

Pokie Staking Guide

When you are playing pokie machines, it is important to fully understand the staking requirements of the pokie game you are about to play. Often it may not make any difference to the way the game plays or pays however sometimes the amount you stake will make a lot of difference!

Below we have compiled our pokie staking guide, which will give you a much better understanding of how much you should wager on each spin, when playing a diverse range of pokie machines. Have a good look through it as it could increase your winning chances, or stop you from missing out on a big jackpot payout!

Classic Pokie Games – If you like playing the older three reel classic pokies, those which have just one payline, then make sure that you take a look at the paytable before you start to play it.

Often these kinds of pokie machines will offer you an enhanced jackpot payout, should you have opted to put the maximum number of coins into play on any one spin you play. This enhanced jackpot can often be much larger in value than the smaller coin/line settings, so if the pokie does have an enhanced jackpot, then always play maximum coins!

Always Pokie Games – The Always pokie games are a new generation of pokies, and when you play on them you are playing all of the visible payline permutations possible on the slot screen.

So if you have seen these types of pokies, but have never played them before possibly due to you thinking they are too expensive to play then think again! As for one small set amount of cash you will be activating every single line in view on the screen.

Playing these kinds of pokies does give you the chance of winning some huge amounts of cash, so check them out as one set staked amount could cover 243 lines, 1024 or even 3125 lines!

Progressive Pokie Games – If there is one category of pokie machine which it is critical for you to be fully aware of the stake levels at which you play them for it has to be the progressive pokies.

You will no doubt have seen hundreds of these types of pokie games available in each online casino you have played at. They boast ever rising jackpots which can be won in one of three different ways. Some are won via a bonus game, some are won via a randomly triggered type of structure and some are awarded by spinning in a winning combination.

In regards to the latter types of pokie machines then you need to double check to see what is required to win the progressive jackpot when playing the base game. Often the only way to win such a progressive jackpot if for you to have put all of the paylines and/or maximum coins into play.

By under-staking your spins you could miss out on this progressive jackpot win, should you have not put into play the required number of lines and/or coins. So read through the pokie game rules and check the progressive pokies games paytable to ensure you know what to do and how to stake such pokie games.

Video Pokie Games – There are many benefits to playing with the maximum number of lines activated when you play bonus video poker games, one being that some bonus games awarded on these types of games are awarded by spinning in a set of bonus symbols on an activated payline,.

As such the more lines you put into play the better your chances of actually triggering and being awarded these bonus games will become.

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