Pokie Tournaments

Pokie Tournaments

One way which many online pokie players will get the maximum value out of their gambling budget is for them to take part in a pokie tournament. There are quite a few different types of pokie tournaments on offer, and to give you an insight into how they work and operate we have listed many of them below.

The best way to describe a pokie tournament is simply as a slot playing competition. The aim of these tournaments is simple, you will get a set amount of time, and a set amount of credits on a pokie machine, then have to finish the tournament with the highest score.

The score is simply the amount of coins you won during the tournament, your actual credits awarded at the start of the tournament are not added to the score/winnings amassed.

Types of Online Pokie Tournaments

Below you will find an overview of the most popular types of online pokie tournaments. These are offered at many online casinos, and whilst some are completely free to enter some will require a small entry fee.

Freeroll Pokie Tournaments – This is by far the most popular type of online pokie tournament you will discover. As the name suggests you will not be charged a penny to enter freeroll pokie tournaments, and if you manage to finish the tournament in one of the prize paying positions, which are listed on the leader board, then you will pick up a real money cash prize.

Reloader Pokie Tournament – When you take part in a Reloader type of pokie tournament, then all players will have more or less an equal chance of making it onto the leader board and as such winning a prize.

Your initial entry into the tournament will obviously end with you amassing a certain score, however if this score isn’t high enough, then you will be permitted to perform a Re-Buy.

This will see you getting another try in the tournament once you pay an addition fee. However your previous score will be wiped clean and therefore you start the tournament again from scratch.

Extender Pokie Tournament – This type of pokie tournament is one whereby you are allowed to carry on playing, once your initial set of credits have become exhausted.

However you will need to pay an additional fee to be able to continue playing and this is known as an Add On, once you pay this additional fee another set of tournament credits will be awarded to you, and you can continue player from where you left off.

You should only consider adding on when you have a good chance of making it into one of the prize paying positions, otherwise you may simply be throwing your money away!

Survivor Pokie Tournament – A Survivor pokie tournament is one whereby you will hopefully be playing in several different rounds of that particular tournament.

The first round of the tournament will be held with a set number of entrants, those being the ones who managed to get the highest score, will then be moved through to the next round.

This will continue until such a time as a small amount of entrants reach the final round, and those ending this particular round with the highest score will pick up a prize as listed on the tournament rules and payouts page.

One Shot Tournament – The name of this type of slot tournament should give you an idea of what it is all about! All entrants get just one single chance of making it onto the leader board.

As such you will not be offered the chance of continuing, as your first attempt is the only one you will get. These tournaments are fairly popular, as entrants are unable to buy their way into a prize paying positions, and as such everyone gets an equal chance of winning a cash prize.

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