Pokies casino misinformation

Pokies casino misinformation from professionals

When searching the online world you certainly might come across different types of myths that are associated with slots. A number of magazines and books also publish these in their weekly magazines.

  1. There are a number of other gambling games that are worse than Pokies – for most players this can be very much disappointing, specially when playing in land based casinos. The fact is that slot is a game that needs to be monitored by players. If you are simply betting big amount of money in this game then it is certain that you can loose money instantly. Most slot machines are designed to suck your bets instantly as compared to any other casino games. On the other hand the payouts in average slot machine certainly are considered much better as compared to any other game. In most cases casinos avoid disclosing odds in a game of slot.
  2. Many people believe that hot paying machines are generally displayed by most casinos so they are easily visible – the fact is that each of the slot machines offers players with similar odds to win. Casinos generally arrange slot machines along with all other casino games.
  3. Dollar Pokies offers with a much higher odds – this certainly is very much closer to the truth. Slots is a casino game that offers players with lower odds as compared to other casino games like Baccarat, blackjack, craps and roulette.
  4. Most casinos make use of 75% payback Pokies – before you get started playing on any Pokies in any casino it is advisable to try and do a little of research work. There certainly is no Pokies that can in fact offer players with such a low payback percentage. Most machines are designed to offer players with 85% to around 97% payback so more number of players can enjoy their game for longer hours.
  5. Pokies is a game that is very easy to play- you need to keep in mind that you certainly can not make use of any strategy that can help you win slot every round you play. The odds in this game are generally fixed and do not change with the slot machine. You can improve your chances of winning by selecting the best slot machine game. A flat top is generally considered as much better option as compared to progressives. Classical or mechanical version also offers with better chance of winning money.

When playing Pokies it is not important to try and bet max coins. If you do so then it is certain that you might also loose money fast. It is advisable to select a slot machine that offers players with low coin denomination. For most new players it is best to try and select a quarter slot machine as compared to dollar Pokies. This is one way they can save lots of money when playing this game. Apart from this when selecting any slot machine it is also best to look into the payback option. Also keep in mind that with slots there certainly is no machine that can be considered as ‘due to pay’.

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