Pokies Casino Odds and Jackpots

Casino Pokies Odds and Jackpots

One of the biggest mistakes most new players make is to try and select a Pokies that offers them with big value Jackpot, as they feel that they can win big money. There certainly are a number of factors you need to consider when playing casino Pokies.

  • The Bigger the amount of Jackpot, the difficult it is to hit.
  • Each of the flat top Pokies offers with similar types of odds to the players no matter what amount of Jackpot it is offering to you.
  • If you play big jackpot offer for short term then it is certain that you have better chance of loosing it. You need to keep in mind that big jackpots only hit if they have collected big amount of money in the pot.
  • Some of the biggest jackpot slot machines also offer with worst odds of winning. This is true for any amount of payout you are playing for in these machines. Even if you might have to make similar amount of investment as compared to any other slot machine, still they offer with less chance of winning.

So if you are looking forward to win in Pokies then it is certain that you should try and select one that offers with small amount of jackpot value. You also need to keep in mind that this is a fact that not many articles writers might tell you of, as they just are not professional slot players. You certainly need to try and compare different odds made by big and small machines before you get started. Even if a big slot machine is offering with big win still you might have to wait for a long time before it actually hits big. You need to keep in mind that most slot machine casinos are here to generate money so it is certain that they might in fact never make their odds public.

The moment you come across any casino that is offering with big amount of jackpot and payout option, and then you need to keep in mind that you might have to play a number of games before you actually think of winning that big amount.

It does not matter when the Pokies hit its last jackpot

Many casinos claim that the machine is about to hit very big amount! You need to keep in mind that if you have 1 in 200,000 odds of hitting any big jackpot, then it is certain that these odds are maintained. It is independent of the factor when the lack jackpot was actually hit in that machine. It is important that there certainly is no such jackpot that can be considered as ‘due to hit’. When playing Pokies you need to keep the probability factor in mind. The moment you flip a coin you always have a 1:2 probability of hitting a head, independent of the last hit. In case you manage to get ten tails for last ten rounds still you can never be sure if the next outcome shall be heads or tails.

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