Progressive Pokies and the odds of winning them

Progressive Pokies and the odds of winning them

It certainly can be very much exciting the moment you make your big win playing pokie machines in any casino. You need to be aware of the odds that are related with this game. In most cases the machine has the upper hand on the players. You need to keep in mind that bigger the value of jackpot, smaller is your chance of winning it. The moment you select to play a single machine jackpot then you can ensure that it shall be paid more frequently as compared to other jackpots that are interconnected to each other. In case you select to play a pokie machine jackpot that is linked to a number of other pokie machines then the payout is much less frequent. The moment you select to enjoy the game of video pokie in any casino then it is certain that the odds depend on the machine you select o play.

When playing any game of pokie you need to keep in mind that determining the exact odd certainly might be an impossible task. In most cases a number of casinos simply avoid disclosing the casino odds to the players. In order to determine the exact odd for any pokie machine you need to get your hands on the par sheet of the casino. Getting your hands on one such sheet certainly might be impossible as most casinos don’t make it public. If you are playing the pokie machine for a jackpot then you just have one in a million odds to make your best win. In case you select the mega jackpot then the odds are further reduced to one in fifty million. So even if you are not having the exact odds still you need to keep in mind that playing a big jackpot often reduces your chance of winning.

Online pokie payout progressives

Apart from this the moment you are playing big jackpot then it is certain that the return payout amount is also very much less as compared to normal game play. For any standard game of pokie you get to collect around 90% return payout while the progressives offer players with only 87% or less. There are a number of players who are always trying to risk their money with an aim to hit the jackpot. It is also important that you need to try and place your bets on maximum pay lines in order to win more frequently. The moment you are betting on multiple pay lines then it is certain that you might win a few of them. Select the machine that is willing to payout even for a smaller jackpot but in most cases it is difficult to find such pokie machine in any casino. There are also chances that even if you get the winning combination still you might not get the big money just because you are not qualified to play the big jackpot. There are certain criteria that you need to fulfill when playing pokie machines for big jackpot. Before you get started it is advisable to go through the rules of the game play.

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