Techniques for saving money when playing Pokies in casinos

Techniques for saving money when playing Pokies casinos

Always select to play the Pokies with least denomination value – No matter how worse odds low denomination slot machines offer you with, still you need to keep in mind that with these machines you actually won’t loose big amount of money. So the moment you are playing a 5-coin machine that offers with 90% chance then it is certain that you might only loose around $18.75 when playing for one hour. If any machine is offering with 2-coin denominations and 98% chance then it is certain that you might loose around $30 every hour. You need to keep in mind that slot machine casinos might in fact not offer with this disparity in terms of payouts.  This certainly is the study of most casinos in extreme cases.

Select a small Jackpot offering Pokies machine – When playing slot machines it is certain that smaller jackpots might be much easier to hit as compared to bigger ones. With small jackpots you can always walk away with better winning amounts.

Avoid playing too much of progressives – Progressives are special slot machines that display the winning amounts on regular basis.  When selecting the flat top machine it is certain that you have 2:7% less chance of winning and normal progressive machines offer with around 20% less points. This is one of the reasons why most new players are always requested to avoid playing progressive slot machines in any casino. Even if you are very much interested in playing progressives then it is best to try and search for a 2-coin slot machine that offers with 0.05 payout options.

Avoid playing video reels – The moment you select to play the video slot machine then you need to keep in mind that these machines are designed to offer with less payout percentages as compared to standard slots. The fact is that these are the types of machines that display a lot of other entertaining features for players and the moment these features are being displayed the machine does not generate money for the casino owners. This forces the owners to collect extra amount of money from your bets and wins. Apart from this when playing video slots you simply need t make use of five to nine coins or more thus improving your chance of loosing more money.

Make use of genuine slot cards – It is advisable to try and make use of slot cards when playing slot machines in any casino. The moment you are making use of these cards then it is certain that you get a chance to win freebies like free gifts or meals. Many casinos offer with regular free give away offers for its players to make use of these cards in their casinos. You also need to keep in mind that using a slot machine card does not mean that you have much better chance of winning big money. It only offers with few free gifts.

Select playing in less crowded casinos – Always ensure that you are playing the game in a casino that is less stingy. This is a factor that increases your odds of winning very often.

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