Hit This is a slang term that is used in place of win. The term is very much common when playing slots.

Hit Frequency or Hit rate This is the term that is used for indicating the average between any of the losing or winning spins for any type of slot machine. This is also a rate that might vary from low percentage to high percentage. There are a number of slot machines that offer with multiple play lines and hit percentage equivalent to around 90%.

Hold This is the total percentage of coins that any player makes use of when playing slot machine in the online world.

Hold (Fruit machine in land casinos) When playing slot in UK machines, you might come across this term very often. This is one of the features that adds a lot of excitement to the game play. When you manage to hit this button then you can hold the rotation of any specific reels that the machine is making use of. The machine certainly might not spin that particular reel for the next round. This is one of the easiest ways to help attain any winning symbol in the game.

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