Pay Cycle This is an expression that is used by the players to identify any machine that is expected to hit in next few rounds. It is important that the machine should in fact qualify the cycle to make the payout to the players.

Paylines This is the central line on which players need to match the winning combinations. There are a number of machines that also offer players with more than 50 winning lines. The machine that offers with more number of paylines are generally preferred by players.

Payout This is the winning amount of money that any machine will pay the moment any player has managed to hit the winning symbols.

Pay table This is the table that offers players with complete details of any type of payout made for any particular symbol appearing on the pay lines.

Payout Percentage The percentage any slot machine offers to its players in terms ofN payouts.

Progressive Jackpots This is a type of jackpot that increases in value with the increase in the number of players. This is also a type of jackpot that is linked to multiple casinos in the online world. So in case any player loses then his amount is added to the pot. A single combination can trigger progressive jackpot to payout huge amounts.

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