Slots Cash Goes Live

Slots Cash Goes Live

If you are both a slot player and own an iPhone or an iPad, then you will not need us to tell you that the number of mobile casinos and mobile pokie sites at which you can access pokies on these devices continues to grow each month, the mobile gaming environment is fast becoming a huge industry and as such many of the more established online casino game designers have been launching mobile gaming platforms.

We have seen the likes of Playtech, NetEnt, Microgaming and IGT Interactive launching mobile gaming networks and platforms, however their suites of games which can be accessed and played on iPhones and iPads are hardly unique, for all of these game designers and software companies have simply made their usual pokie games offerings found in their online casinos now available on their respective mobile gaming platforms.

So if you are seeking a brand new range of pokie games to play then how about trying one of the standalone pokie game designers who will offer you plenty of never seen before pokies, and should this appeal to you then allow us to introduce you to Play Screen who have just launched their own exclusive range of mobile pokies games which we can guarantee you will never have seen or played before!

Play Screen are a social game designer who are based in Maryland, and in recent months they have been busying themselves in anticipation of launching their very own mobile Pokie site, which has just gone live, and can be accessed by anyone using an iPhone or iPad device.

They have launched the Slots Cash pokie site where you will find a small, yet very interesting suite of mobile slot games which will appeal to those pokie players seeking something completely new. They have joined forces with a company called Betable to enable them to offer real money pokie games.

Thanks to these games being specifically designed for iPhones and iPads from scratch, as opposed to them simply tweaking existing games such as what the above mentioned software and pokie game designers have been doing, you are going to find their current crop of slots play perfectly on any such mobile device.

Their range of pokies currently numbers just eight of them however thanks to enhanced graphics and each pokie machine offering a completely different themes and game play features you should have a quite enjoyable gaming experience should you decide to get stuck into and play these pokie machines in a real money environment.

The pokies on offer are varied and they have all passed independent tests and are certified as being fair and random, and with plenty of large cash jackpots up for grabs, should you be looking for a refreshing change of scenery whilst also wishing to play some of the most advanced pokie machines then why not get yourself over to the Slots Cash site and give them a whirl for yourself.

It is expected that in the coming months Play Screen will be adding, to their Slots Cash pokie site even more pokie games which will ensure their suite of games is always fresh and fully up to date.

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