Take Part in Pokie Tournaments Live on Facebook

Facebook Pokie Tournaments Launched

You may have already come across the slot game App designing company Trophy Slots before, they have been designing easy to play and use Apps featuring a range of their slot games, which really do come in all shapes and forms, however they have just announced a new product which is going to be available to Facebook users accessing it and this is their Pokie Tournament suite of games.

This brand new pokie tournament follows hot on the heels of their recent product which is the Trophy Slots League which launched just last month and is a way for you to play slots and aim to get the highest scores in your respective league and much like a soccer team win your way through high scoring pokie playing sessions to the top of the pokie league!

Trophy Slots have been busy designing and making this new pokie tournament product go live in recent months and they have done this from their head office based on Gibraltar, they have been in business since 2012 and whilst a new entrant to the online pokie world they have certainly hit the ground running and have well over 100k players using their suite of Facebook free to play pokie games.

Let us tell you now a little more about this free to enter pokie tournament platform of games they have launched, the idea behind them is that there are currently four different pokie playing tournament rooms and in each room you are going to find a plethora of different pokie tournaments up and running, hourly daily and of course weekly tournaments.

If you have never taken part in a pokie tournament before then there is not a lot to learn in regards to how they work and operate. You will first of course need to enter the tournament by registering for it, and then take a note of the starting time of the pokie tournament along with the duration of the tournament.

You are of course allowed to take part in the tournament at any time that it is running once you have registered as an entrant. Then once you launch the tournament pokie game you will find it comes packed with free play credits and your task is quite simply you have to play those free play pokie tournament credits in the hope that you will get as many winning combination forming on the pokie game as you can, until such a time that your credits run out or your allocation time period to take part in the tournament expiries.

All winnings accumulated during the pokie tournament re not credited to your credit meter and as such they cannot be used to play additional spins on the pokie machine, instead they are added to your score and as such the more you win when playing the tournament the higher your final score at the end of the pokie tournament will be.

Once you have played off the tournament credits or until the timer reaches zero, which ever if the soonest, then your score is added to the leader board and as such those with the highest score will be higher up the tournament leader board, and you will have plenty of bragging rights!

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